Thursday, May 01, 2008

Here, there and everywhere throughout the world anarchists celebrated and protested on Mayday. Here's one example, reported on the Anarkismo site, of Mayday actions in Warsaw Poland. The Centrum Informacji Anarchistcznej is a daily online Polish anarchist news service that is quite valuable for keeping up with events in Poland. They also have a small section in English translation. Their web address is also at the end of this item.

Warsaw May Day
by Laure Akai - ,
On May 1 an anarchist demonstration took place in Warsaw. A couple of hundred people came from all the different anarchist groups. The demo went to the Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, to the State Labour Inspectorate, a temp agency and a pro-business lobby's headquarters.
Many topics were raised, including the amendment of the Labour Code, discrimination in the workplace, the topic of casual work, firing of unionists and capitalist brainwashing.
A happening about discrimination in the workplace was organized by anarchafeminists from A-Fe. Other groups that took part in the demo included the Anarchist Federation, Left Alternative, Workers' Initiative, Union of Syndicalists, Freedom, Equality and Solidarity and Green Collective.
A pathetic counter demonstration was organized by fascists. The night before, a talk organized by Freedom, Equality and Solidarity was attacked by fascists who through some incendiary devices into the meeting place. Nobody was hurt.
Some pictures from May Day can be found here:

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