Sunday, November 25, 2007



Jonathan Culp, aka Satan MacNuggit, a radical Toronto filmmaker, has finally put together his new website. Satan MacNuggit features archives of all the zines, video and music projects that S. has been involved with over the years. Also an online store where you can buy his thought provoking DVDs, zines and CDs.

Also Culp is taking his show on the road this fall with a prairie mini-tour. This will feature showings of two of his works, 'It Can Happen Here' and 'Grilled Cheese Sandwich', as well as a workshop on video for activists. It Can Happen Here centres around Culp's explorations of Weyburn, Saskatchewan where the Weyburn Mental Hospital held his great-grandfather Russell Aubrey Carman from 1936 to 1962. from this now-closed landmark it swirls outward via a mural of the 1935 'On to Ottawa Trek' and the ensuing 'Regina Riots' through a trek around the present-day sites of the riots, an enquiry about the artist James Eadie, a tape=recorded memoir of Carman's daughter Sheila Currier, the Third Testament opus 'The Son of Joy', footage of several protests happening at the same time as filming in Weyburn, Ottawa and Toronto, the Weyburn church of Tommy Douglas, and Culp himself, stoned in a bathrobe and trying to make sense of it all and pull himself through the edit. many interviews and music by Culp, Picastro, Holzkopf and Matt Dolmage.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich is a 90 minute comedy about the "revolution of everyday lunch" in the deadly rural suburb of Grimsville, Ontario. A bunch of wayward youth take on Grimsville High, the Moose Meat Ladies and Squirrely's Pizza with their revolutionary underground grilled cheese sandwich club. It's the next best thing to getting the hell out ! Starring Amanda Brooks, Chris Mills and Leslie Walters. Music by Bob Wiseman. Written and directed by Jonathan Culp.

The Dates and Places:
Friday, November 23
12 Noon
University of Regina
Education Bldg 137
Regina, SK
"It Can Happen Here', plus lecture/discussion on "art, activism and madness"
Tuesday, November 27
7 pm
Little Pictures Art Preserve
202 Avenue B South
Saskatoon, SK
'It Can Happen Here'
Wednesday, November 28
6 pm
Paved Arts/La Troupe du Jour
430 20th Street West
Saskatoon, SK
Workshop:Creative Video for Activists
Saturday December 1
Grilled Cheese Sandwich 7 pm
It can Happen Here 9 pm
Metro Cinema
7 Sir Winston Churchill Square NW
Edmonton, AB

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