Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trader Joe's portrays itself as a good employer and retailer that sells only the best in healthy, natural and organic food. Yet it continues to stock products produced in an atmosphere of fear, exploitation, problematic food safety standards and questionable environmental practices. These products are 'Aaron's Best' and 'David's Kosher', and they are made at Agriprocessors, one of the world's largest producers of kosher beef, lamb and poultry products.
Workers, consumers and the environment are at risk, and Agriprocessors is profiting from it by selling products to companies like Trader Joe's. Please take action and send this letter to Trader Joe's letting them know about Agriprocessors' terrible record on employee and food safety, and asking them to stop stocking Agriprocessors' products.
According to workplace injury logs provided to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) Agriprocessors' workers have endured:
*broken bones
*stab and puncture wounds
*laceration injuries
*eye injuries
*hearing loss
*throat and lung irritation
*emotional stress and insomnia
Reports from workers at Agriprocessors continue to paint a grim picture. Accidents, insufficient training, and an atmosphere of intimidation and fear continues to frighten workers. In addition the media has raised concerns about Agriprocessors' food safety and environmental record. For more information on these and other issues please visit . Join us and tell Trader Joe's to pull Aaron's Best and David's Kosher from the shelves- it's the right thing to do.
To join this campaign go to (Molly Note: This link doesn't seem to work. The campaign can be accessed from the Eye on Agriprocessors site)
Molly Note: This is one of many campaigns that Molly has reported on that centre around the theme of "green capitalism". In actual fact the world of "green", "alternative", "organic", etc. may be far worse than normal business in terms of workers' rights and safety. Not unexpected from Molly's view of the world but perhaps an eye-opener for those who hold to some sort of vague leftism.

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