Saturday, November 10, 2007

Molly is the "elephant-cat". She never forgets though occasionally she forgives. Some time ago I was running a weekly feature entitled 'The Best of the blogs' wherein I chose some interesting recent postings from the blogosphere. Well, it's time to get back to business with Molly's great;y expanded list of blogs on her Links section. Today we feature the letter "A".
A. Alas a Blog has some recent interesting posts. On November 8th there is 'Does the South Have Whitewash Envy of the North ?'. Sort of something that only an American could understand, though very valuable to them, dealing with the history of slavery in the "northern states" of the USA. Also on November 6th there's a rather disparaging article titled 'Is the Christian Right Losing Its Mojo ?' about the present shifting politics amongst evangelists in the USA. Rather TOO disparaging for Molly's taste. Atheist as she is she still welcomes the growing distance that American evangelism is putting between their faith and right wing politics.
B. From New Zealand Anarchia has gone whole hog on reportage about the recent "terrorism" arrests in that country. The best of their reportage is a November 8th article entitled 'No Terrorism Charges for the Urewera 16 !'. What Molly has to say about this, besides the fact that various leftists of all sorts of persuasions often (usually ?) bullshit about their great and grandiose plans and how the state can use this bullshit on occasion despite the fact that it has little basis in reality, is to ask a question. The "terrorism" charges were broadcast across the world, even reaching the news here in Canada. Will the downgrading of the charges in line with a little reality get any such play in the media ? Doubtful !.
C. The Anarchist Video Blog has some new offerings, most of them the latest from the recent Montebello demonstrations outside of Ottawa.
D. The Anarchorants Blog has a refreshing article entitled 'The Personal is Political or the North American Cult of Individualist Struggle'. The title should be self explanatory, but for the slow out there it is a description of how this little piece of rhetoric is abused in the present day left. Molly thinks the author is altogether too kind as he or she skips the most nutty examples. Still, a very good opinion piece and much needed.
E. On a more amusing note the Austro-Athenian Empire has reprinted a piece from Kevin Carson's Mutualist Blogspot, entitled 'The Toilet Zone' . All about the evil way that toilet paper dispensers are arranged to cause maximum distress in public institutions in the USA. Molly has blogged before on the whole matter of toilet paper in Eastern Europe when she visited there, but this is a matter "beyond the paper". One waits until the privatization mania runs its course in the USA, and they have guards on the cans collecting dues to enter the sanctums just like they have in the Czech Republic. Carry on Republicans. The millennium is coming soon.
Next time...the letter "B".

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