Saturday, November 17, 2007

It wasn't too long ago that Molly celebrated the 10,000 hit at Molly's Blog. There are still milestones to come. Presently there are 960 posts on this blog, and Molly is looking forward to her 1,000th. Big party that day. As to hits Molly's next ambition is 25,000. Stay tuned. An even bigger party that day.
I've been sllloooowly going through the previous posts on this blog to add tags to them all as I was unfamiliar with this function of blogger when I first began this project. Also running the spell check on them all. Molly is very productive of typos. To say the least this is a tedious task, but I hope to have it done at about the same time as I hit the 1,000th post. There are also changes planned to the Links section. Stay tuned for these.
Til then as Mollymew chases the mouse across the screen.

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