Monday, November 05, 2007

Workers at the Vaqueros Navarra blue jean factory in Tehuacan, Puebla, Mexico who are fighting for the right to be represented by an independent democratic union are being harassed, illegally dismissed, pressured to sign resignation letters and threatened with a factory closure. The employer has brought in a government-affiliated "official union" and has given it free reign inside the factory to recruit and intimidate workers. A number of the illegally fired workers have filed complaints for unjust dismissal, but the local labour authorities are delaying acting on their cases while the company dismisses more workers-over 50 in the last week.
Please join the Maquila Solidarity Network in calling on the Puebla State Governor to intervene in the case to ensure that all unjustly fired workers are immediately reinstated and that a free and fair union representation vote (recuento) is held without further delay.
To read more and sign up for this solidarity campaign click HERE. To learn more about the Maquila Solidarity Network and their work go their website HERE.

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