Saturday, November 10, 2007

The cartoon to the left is from the site of Barry Deutsch, Amtoons. which I have recently added to the 'Images...' section of my Links. Herein lies a story. It all begins with the last post when I tried to reference his blog, Alas a Blog, under the "Best of the Blogs'. Despite my best efforts I could not get the link to show up in the post, despite the fact that it works very well in my Links section under 'Blogs'. I ended up putting a link to his main site which links to his blog. In total frustration. This is the sort of thing that makes blogging "not fun". Obviously I'm missing something quite simple, but this is as far as I can carry it before I hit the sack, hopefully not to dream of the error page. Anyways, enjoy his cartoons and patronize him if you can.

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