Wednesday, November 07, 2007

While looking up another matter for this blog (more on that later) Molly came upon the most delightful time-wasting site that she has seen in a long time. Snopes.Com is an urban legend compendium. Well, not exactly, because they also throw in a few quiz format like sections that examine the veracity of well circulated stories and find them to actually be true. The site ranges from autos to weddings, with everything inbetween, 45 categories in all. Everyone's obsession is touched on, from religion, to crime, to politics to even Halloween. Briefly going through the sections Molly came upon some true gems. Deliberate poisoning of Halloween candy is an urban legend, but adding such things as pins and razor blades is not. Nobody really knows for sure that they tap a dead Pope's head with a silver hammer to make sure is isn't just sleeping soundly. The items often go into extensive detail about the background to the myths (and sometimes facts). Not that anything discussed at this site is of any Earth-shattering importance, but that is the point, after all. It is fun.

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