Wednesday, November 21, 2007

About 120 early childhood educators and assistants at Kids and Company- members of CUPE 4823- are fighting for a first collective agreement. They have a strike deadline of 12:01 am, Thursday, November 29th.
Kids and Company is one of Canada's largest private child care providers, catering to corporate clients who want to provide workplace child care. Kids and Company is expanding rapidly, while claiming not to have the financial means to pay their employees a fair wage and provide them with WSIB coverage.
You can help the members of CUPE 4823 win a fair collective agreement by sending a message to their employer through
Messages will be sent to President Victoria Sopick and Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Nashmi.
When the union claims that this company is "expanding rapidly" they aren't kidding. The company website lists a large number of locations in Ontario and Alberta already operating, two more "under construction" and 5 "coming soon". They already operate in numerous cities across Ontario, and their plans include expansion to six other Canadian cities in four more Canadian provinces. Looks like they are trying to become a conglomerate. An outfit like this can hardly cry the poverty blues as they are in their negotiations with their workers. For those interested in more background to this dispute see

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