Sunday, November 11, 2007

Request that the IOC take immediate action to address the violation of workers' rights in their supply chains..
The Beijing Olympics may be THE most profitable Olympics in the Games' history. Meanwhile the workers that actually make the goods that bear the Olympic logo aren't profiting at all. Research into conditions at factories producing Olympic-licensed products turned up many very serious rights violations. We don't think that's fair. Do you agree that the International Olympic Commitee (IOC) needs to take responsibility for the conditions where their products are produced ? Then let them know !
Send the letter below to the IOC President Jacques Rogge. Let him know that that you think that the IOC should take responsibility for the unchecked violation of workers' rights in the Olympic suipply chain. Encourage him to engage in a dialogue with Play Fair 2008 to follow up on the constructive solutions that they've proposed to address the problems in Olympic workplaces. IOC action on this serious matter is long overdue.

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