Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Originally founded in 2005 as the Rural Ontario Anarchist Development Network the ROAD network has grown and evolved over the last two years and put down roots in Ontario's cities. This is reflected in their new name- same acronym- the Revolutionary Ontario Anarchist Development network. What follows is the first formal introduction to their groups and activities:
"This is the first formal introduction written by Ontario's ROAD Network. ROAD is an explicitly anarchist network that was founded in the year of 2005 with an emphasis on rural Ontario. Over the next year the emphasis changed to all of Ontario. The initial goals, however, have remained the same but not without some changes (???-Molly). These goals that we have had in mind come directly from our long meandering, yet concise(once again ???-Molly), name. Revolutionary Ontario Anarchist Development Network.
We believe that real, meaningful, long-term positive change cannot and will not be achieved by means of any kind of reform, this sham called representative democracy, or any other form of forced government, but by revolutionary action.
We hold an anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, anti-statist stance and utilize decentralized forms of organization.
Development Network:
We prove services such as emails, list-serves and websites to other radical groups in Ontario who need them. Our main site is for news and content that concerns anarchists and radicals in Ontario where interested parties are welcome to post. We strive to have all website content from alternative and independent media authors. "Network" meaning that we will help in connecting anarchists inside and outside of Ontario as best we can. The more cooperation we receive the better we can do this.
The ROAD Network will be using the Ottawa Anarchist Assembly's basis of unity for its principles. Here is a beginning draft.
ROAD advocates mutual aid, direct democracy, autonomy, solidarity of all oppressed peoples and decentralized forms of organization.
ROAD rejects all forms of domination and oppression including, but not limited to, racism, classism, patriarchy, ableism, ecocide, homophobia, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. We reiterate our opposition to the state, capitalism, corporate globalization, imperialism and colonialism.
ROAD supports direct action and other forms of resistance in people's struggles against oppression.
The nitpickers amongst us may quibble about some of the grammar in the above statement. I have corrected some of it, but I have left some rather questionable turns of phrase in the above. Beyond grammar, phrasing that says "the goals are the same but have changed" or that a statement can be both "long and meandering" and "concise" screams out for the editor's blue pencil. All those quibbles with their statement aside, the people at ROAD have certainly done a remarkable job in their short term of existence. To learn more about them, especially if you live in Ontario see their website at http://roadnetwork.org .

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