Monday, November 19, 2007

The following may be far from Molly's personal life. I've never been a cola drinker, and this aversion has gotten more profound in the last few decades. I doubt that I've drank more than three colas in the last 20 years. From memory i can retrieve some sort of puckering, drying effect in the mouth and a certain spoiling of the effect of the pure sugar taste by the "bitterish" and foul, to my mind, taste of the artificial coco beans. If this is the real taste all that I can say is how much I pity people in South America. Recently the wife discovered the undrunken cans of Pepsi in the back seat of the car. She threw them into my daily lunch from time to time and, from time to time, I promptly tossed them in the back seat to gather mold. Of course she denies all responsibility. Recently I've gotten away from my traditional caffeine fix. The result of advancing age I guess, as my mornings have become even more hassled than usual- at least in my mind. For years my idea of caffeine was two heaping tablespoons(NOT teaspoons) of instant coffee sweetened with three heaping tablespoons of sugar. None of this wimpy new class health food faddism for Molly- good totally processed white sugar for me. One teaspoon of real sugar equals about two of brown sugar, three of honey and about 10 of whatever bizarre fashionable sweetener may be available for those who desperately want to eat by fashion rather than taste.
Well, I got old, and the morning hit in the head became too much for me. I rarely drink coffee today except when on vacation. Don't even get me started on artificial sweeteners. If I wanted to drink something that tasted like iron filings I'd drink the real iron filings for Christ's sake. That crap tastes even worse than health food, if that is possible. At least so-called "health food" has the merit of generally having no taste. You trade the pleasure of life for a false (Molly emphasizes false,false,false,false!!!!!) promise of living a few more deprived years. But you also get the "pleasure" of feeling snotty and superior, and that may compensate for the loss of real physical pleasure. NOT in Molly's view of the world, but in the view of those who don't think about fads anyways.
Anyways, maybe this is close to Molly's personal life, as she is a very vile little pussycat who is always happy to do damage to things she hates. So read on about the latest efforts of Students Against Sweatshops and Union Voice to ban the Coca Cola Company from yet another campus. Molly supports this effort fully, and not just because she hates Coke. In this case Molly's personal taste coincides with an worldwide effort to limit the damage done by one of the most unethical corporations in the world. Consider that every Coke you drink may have been reduced in price by murder in Columbia.

"Students at Loyola Chicago have been urging their administration to end its relationship with Coke, and they are close to winning their campaign. Students no longer want their university to be connected to a company that has been linked to the murder of union leaders in Columbia, environmental devastation in India and union busting throughout its supply chain. The university will be making its decision regarding the future of their Coke contract on Monday, and your support is crucial. Call and email President Garanzini today and urge him to kick Coke off campus for good !

Loyola Campus is a Jesuit institution, and the Jesuits presume a certain commitment to social justice in their theology. to help make them live up to this join the campaign at .

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