Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Last May 21 the government of Algeria shut down a union centre in the city of Bach Djarrah in response to independent union organizing. The following appeal for solidarity with the unionists affected comes from the online labour solidarity site Labour Start.
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Algeria: Union headquarters shut down
On 12 May 2010, Algerian authorities effectively shut down La Maison des Syndicats (2 Rue El Oued, Bach Djarrah, Algiers), the headquarters of an important coalition of independent labor unions fighting for workers rights, including the Syndicat National Autonome des Personnels de l'Administration Publique (SNAPAP). Their website has also been shut down.

The closure was justified on the grounds that the space was being used as a meeting place for young men and women, meetings were held that were not authorized by the government, foreign nationals were invited to some of these meetings without government authorization, and a general disruption of public order by the occupants.
The Letter:
Please go to this link to send the following letter to the Algerian authorities.

I am concerned that La Maison des Syndicats at 2 Rue El Oued, Bach Djarrah, Algiers has been shut down by your government and demand an immediate and unconditional reopening, as well as an end to all anti-union repression.

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