Saturday, May 15, 2010


Since the deaths of 29 West Virginia coal miners last month long standing extreme right wing activist Don Blankenship has continued on as the CEO of Massey Energy, the company whose lax safety measures led to the deaths. Next Tuesday various groups will converging at the annual shareholders' meeting of Massey in hopes of ousting him. Here's the story from the American Rights At Work group, along with an online petition that you can sign in support of the campaigners.
Last month, 29 miners died in a tragedy that was completely preventable.

That should have been reason enough to fire CEO Don Blankenship immediately. But he's still at the helm of Massey Energy, and every day he stays on, he continues to endanger his workers.

So this Tuesday, at Massey's annual shareholder meeting, mineworkers, union leaders, and community leaders will be protesting Don Blankenship's callous disregard for human life.

We've put together a petition to send a strong message to Massey Energy shareholders and corporate leaders when they meet Tuesday. Can you help us collect at least 10,000 signatures by MIDNIGHT MONDAY?

Sign now: Tell Massey shareholders to fire Don Blankenship!

Don Blankenship's track record includes: ignoring safety regulations, intimidating workers, and spending millions to elect judges who will protect his interests. And he even helps lead the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in its anti-worker campaigns!1,2

He clearly put profits before safety. That should have been reason enough for Massey's board to find a new CEO.

But since the blood of 29 miners wasn't enough for Massey's board to take immediate action to fire him, hopefully the 30% drop in Massey's stock will give them another reason. That's right – Massey's stock is down more than 30% since the Upper Big Branch disaster, and Blankenship is still CEO.

That's why – in addition to hundreds of mine workers, union leaders, and allies – big institutional shareholders are speaking up, too. Will you add your voice?

Tell Massey shareholders: Do the right thing and fire Don Blankenship!

While firing Blankenship won't give even a measure of justice to the families who lost loved ones in this horrific tragedy, every day he stays as CEO is a slap in the face – a painful reminder of the human cost of corporate greed.

We can hold him accountable. Tell Massey Energy: Blankenship has to go!

Thanks so much for all you do for workers' rights.
Please go to this link to add your name to the petition for the firing of Don Blankenship.
The deadly explosion at the Upper Big Branch South Mine in Montcoal, WV, which took the lives of 29 coal miners and injured several others, was a preventable tragedy. It's time for Massey Energy shareholders to fire CEO Don Blankenship and replace him with a CEO who cares about workers' rights. In addition, the three Massey board members up for re-election should be defeated.

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