Thursday, May 06, 2010

On April 1 2010 (no foolin') Sears Canada locked out almost 500 employees at their distribution warehouse in Vaughan Ontario. This was in response to the employees, represented by United Steel Workers Local 9537, refusal to accept across the board cutbacks in both wages and benefits. Since then Local 9537 has garnered support form numerous other labour organizations in Canada and has called for a boycott of Sears to put pressure on the company to deal reasonably. They have a Facebook page for the boycott that you can check out for ongoing information. On April 27 the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) called for endorsement of the boycott. The Sears workers and their supporters want you to boycott Sears until this dispute is resolved and to spread the word as much as possible. You might also want to write Sears management about the matter. Here's a list of Sears executives.

The following is a list of email addresses of corporate executives and the corporate head office address of Sears Canada Inc.:

**Dene L. Rogers, President and Chief Executive Officer -
**Allen Ravas, Senior Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer -
**Tim Flemming, Senior Vice-President, Corporate Procurement and Supply Chain -
**Dennis Singh, Senior Vice-President, Retail Stores -
**Vincent Power, Corporate Communications -

Sears Canada Inc.
290 Yonge St., Suite 700
Toronto, Ontario
M5B 2C3


Anonymous said...

Having worked with Dene Rogers I know him to be a psychopathic bully who could care less if there is a boycott or not.

mollymew said...

They never care until they are made to care. Worry precedes (faked) compassion.