Sunday, May 16, 2010

Quite often it is not only advisable but also necessary to step outside of the well trodden path. An example of this from the Windsor Star follows. The astute reader will note that the "unauthorized" strike- the wildcat- won its demand. The sacked worker is back at the job. Point proven.
The dismissal was probably a trial balloon on the part of the company to see how many workers they could bounce off the list of those they have to pay out when the plant closes. The other workers have spoken...everyone. Now if the talk of the floor was about workplace occupations if the company's offer isn't fair I can see victory in that case as well. Here's the story.
Fabco workers walk off job
May 12, 2010 WINDSOR, Ont. — A wildcat strike erupted at Windsor's Fabco plant Wednesday afternoon in support of a worker the union says was inappropriately suspended.

About 70 employees walked off the job just as the afternoon shift was beginning, said Gerry Farnham, president of CAW Local 195, which represents the workers.

Police said the employees briefly blocked access to the plant, but they quickly dispersed and there were no injuries.

The action was organized to support a 24-year veteran of the plant who was indefinitely suspended on Friday. Farnham said the company issued the suspension after determining the worker was not meeting production goals. But the employee had not received a verbal warning about his productivity, Farnham said, and the company didn't take the appropriate disciplinary steps before issuing the suspension.

The worker was back on the job later Wednesday. The union plans to file a grievance against the company over the suspension.

Farnham said the wildcat strike revealed tensions at the plant, which is scheduled for closure on June 30. "With the plant being prepared to close, the membership is already not in the best frame of mind. The reality of it is, you discipline someone with an indefinite suspension and the possibility of termination, obviously the membership got together and said, ‘We're not going to take that.’"

Farnham said the union will continue to fight the plant closure.

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