Monday, May 10, 2010


The United Farm Workers have been working for some time now to organize and improve working condition for farm workers at Guimarra Vineyards. They are asking consumers to "take the pledge" to stand with these workers and pressure Guimarra and their marketer Nature's Partner to treat their workers decently. Here's the story.
Sign the pledge to support Giumarra workers

With the table grape harvest just around the corner, farm workers at Giumarra urgently need a major public display of support. Consumers in this country are the ultimate power when it comes to requiring higher standards from companies--as we can always vote with our dollars. As a result of consumers raising their voice, grocery store shelves and coolers are now stocked more and more with sustainably, organically, and humanely produced and fairly traded items. We need you to raise your voice to help get the message to the mega-company Giumarra and their Nature’s Partner label. Giumarra markets their products as Nature’s Partner, but in reality they are anything but.

Data show that it only takes about 5-10% of a store’s customer base to impact purchasing decisions. Please help by signing our Giumarra/Nature’s Partner pledge. Without a push from consumers, farm workers will continue to have to deal with miserable conditions--inadequate shade and water, dangerous pesticide exposure, extremely low wages, and disrespectful treatment.

Please sign the pledge in support of the Giumarra Vineyards farm workers who are fighting to improve their conditions by getting a union contract. To pledge, go to this link and click on the gray "Submit Form" button to the right (below where you input your name, e-mail...).

Giumarra/Nature's Partner Pledge

I understand the power consumers have to affect change and bring about social justice. I therefore pledge my solidarity in support of farm workers at Giumarra Vineyards.

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