Monday, August 18, 2008

Well we made it here to Dublin, at the beginning of our visit to Ireland. This is something like hour 30 without any sleep, so things are rather buzzing. I'm presently cruising the Temple Bar section of town looking for a pint of Guinness that costs less than 4 euros (the cheapest I've found so far). Seems like a really hopping scene, and I understand there's a lot more to the nightlife in other sections of town as well. so much to see. So little time to see it in. This area of town is purulating with internet cafes, and it isn't even the University area.
Dublin is now a city of about 1 1/2 million people, and it seems fairly cosmopolitan, though not to the extent of many Canadian cities. I hope to meet with some of the people from the WSM later this week. More on that, and anarchism in Ireland, as time goes on. Love the cobblestone streets. Have yet to get into the whiskey. As I said, too buzzed.
The trip here was long and tiring, including a seven hour stop over in Minneapolis airport, and a too brief one in Amsterdam.
More later,

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Larry Gambone said...

Hope you found that pint! After 30 hours you will need cone for sure. Enjoy your trip!