Friday, August 22, 2008

It's the dog days of summer, and Sneaky Stevie and his Conservative government hope to pass yet another of their "structural reforms" without input from the Canadian public nor even with ant information as to what they propose. Here is a news release from the Canadian Union of Postal Workers on what is happening.

Strategic Review of Canada Post:‏

Did you know the federal government is conducting a Strategic Review of our post office? The Conservatives are making another attempt to deregulate Canada Post.

But this time it’s the summer’s best-kept secret. No public hearings, No national advertising campaign. No debate in parliament because it’s in recess and the deadline for public submissions is only three weeks away – Tuesday September 2nd. This is not good for democracy.

This Strategic Review could affect everyone in Canada, especially small businesses, people in rural and northern communities, and people on fixed incomes.

Deregulation of the Post Office would give big price breaks to the 200 big corporations the Conservatives see as the Post Office’s favoured customers.

It would give away the best source of postal income – big city mail service – to multinational companies, leaving Canada Post to deliver to everyone else at much higher rates.

This time around, the Conservatives are determined to succeed in getting the post office deregulated. Their previous attempts to deregulate or privatize Canada Post have been stopped in their tracks by outcries from the public.

This time the Conservatives are trying secrecy. They have also hand-picked the Strategic Review Committee and appointed a chairperson who is on record as calling for the deregulation of Canada Post.

It is up to all of us as ordinary Canadians to stop this attempt to convert the public post office into a delivery agency for big corporations.

Send a submission to: Canada Post Strategic Review, 330 Sparks Street (HCCR), Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0N5. FAX 613-990-9033. Or email

Sign the on-line petition by following the link to:

Make a YouTube video. Contact your MP. Send a postcard to Stephen Harper.

Tell your family, your friends and neighbours, your business contacts what’s up with our public post office. Pass on this email to people who care across the country.

And do it before it’s too late. Do it before September 2nd.

You can check out to get more information,
YouTube tips, a downloadable postcard, or ideas for submissions.

Canadian Union of Postal Workers Winnipeg Local
Strategic Review/Organizing Committee

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