Monday, August 11, 2008

Molly has translated this from a Spanish language post at A-Infos. The original is there in Spanish and also at the website of the solidarity group mentioned below.
[Mexico] The current struggle to liberate the political prisoners of Nuevo Castilla:
The current struggle to free political prisoners in Nueva Castilla
07 August 2008
They have been punished with more than 90 days of being in prison under the false crime to deprive Property Group in modality, and the 5 fellow political prisoners in Nueva Castilla face a complicated situation.
The protection order presented to to the federal courts by companeros against the detention order issued by Judge Maria Francisca Ayala Marroquín Second Court of Criminal Matters in the Third Judicial District in the state on May 24, 2008 was resolved Today, 07 August, awarding federal protection to our companero Gerardo Armendariz.
This means that although the federal judge found irregularities in the trial, these were ones of form, so he did not review the background. With that the federal judge obliges the local judge to issue a resolution on the state of detention of our colleague until the end the trial against him. The judge has 10 working days (ie without counting Saturday and Sunday) from the date he is notified (probably tomorrow August 08) to re-enact a ruling in the case of our companeros.
That is why the actions from this day will be intensified with the clear objective of forcing the judge to remove the aggravating punishment and ensure that our companeros achieve bail bond, thereby reducing the accusation of a felony, as the current one is, to a minor crime, which could free them from prison until the end of trial and the final judgement.
If successful change of the indictment happens, the situation of our colleagues will change substantially, because in this moment a negative decision would entail a penalty of approximately 7 years in prison, since the sentences related to their accusations range from 3 years 6 months to 10 years imprisonment. The result of changing the degree of indictment may still be harsh sentences (let's not let happen), but our colleagues would not be any more in prison.
For this reason, relatives, colleagues and friends of the 5 political prisoners of Nueva Castilla appeal nationally and internationally to take action to demand the release on the part of the Mexican state of the 5 political prisoners.
As we had convened in recent days to express a call on 14 August 2008, when they will have served 90 days of unjust imprisonment, so that we call for actions at consulates of Mexico, as well as representations of the state of Nuevo Leon in Mexico. If this is not possible, carry out actions at Scotiabank branches, who are the economic representatives of builders guilty of plundering more than 900 families and who currently keep our kidnapped 5 compameros in jail.
On the demonstrations, marches, blockades, etc., our direct struggle against the repression depends to win freedom to give our 5 fellow prisoners. It is time to compel the State to release them.
Forward with mobilizations and actions for political prisoners!
No struggle without conscious and active solidarity!
To free our fellow 5!
Long live the people's struggle! Up with those who struggle!
Political prisoners freedom!

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