Monday, August 04, 2008

Molly has blogged on this item a af few times before. Down Toronto way a Christian "charity" has convinced an recently deceased elderly person to will her estate to their greedy clutches. To say the least there is nothing new in this. Religious organizations have taken on the roll of vulture since time immemorial, and one of the great "secrets of growth" behind early Christianity was the encouragement of the faithful to leave their estates to the Church. Still... this is a particularly egregious case. Here's an announcement from the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty (OCAP) about their latest plans to scuttle this money grab.

The Save the Home of the Liu Family Committee is working to prevent a well financed Christian charity from dragging Louise Liu into court and taking away the home that she and her disabled brother need.
Louise's mother, Margaret, was a poor woman who came to this Country from Hong Kong with her kids, shortly after the death of her husband. She worked to buy a small home and always intended to leave it to her children. However, a couple of years ago, when she was well into her 80s and, after she had had a series of strokes, a second Will was made and this home was left to the Chinese Christian Herald Crusades (Canada) Herald Monthly.
Representatives of the Chinese Gospel Church , which she attended, played a very big role in facilitating this. They assisted the elderly woman to prepare the will, did not tell her daughter this was happening and, then, immediately after Margaret died, presented Louise with this bombshell.
Louise feels her mother made a decision that was not in keeping with the plans and intentions she had had for years. Her state of mind at the time is a major issue and a strong legal case could be made in favour of Louise and her brother. However, the charity has huge resources and Louise almost none.
Our committee of friends and supporters is fighting for justice for this family. We have held actions at the Church and Charity,drawn up an online petition and plan to increase the pressure on them.
We are working to ensure that the Liu family gets the legal support it needs but we are also looking to use all forms of legitimate public pressure to expose the contradiction between the Christian teachings of the CCHC and its readiness to take this home from this family. Already, there has been a huge amount of coverage in the Chinese language media and the CCHC is the subject of a public debate on their ethics and their rather curious understanding of the Christian Gospel.
We badly need the support of those who believe in social justice in this community. Please attend our meeting if you can and invite others you think would be interested. If you can't attend but would like to be kept informed of upcoming events or would like more information, please give us a call us at (416) 856-0814
Gab & Louise


Anonymous said...

Ms. Louise Liu
1656 Gerrard St. E.
Toronto, ON M4L 2A8

Re: Slander and Wrongful Protests

Ms. Liu,

It is well documented in the internet, print, radio, and television media that you, along with the Save the Home of the Liu Family Committee, have authored and distributed numerous slanderous and false statements against Rev. Chi Kei Wong and Chinese Gospel Church of Toronto. As evidence of this you will find attached one of your own leaflets that you and your Committee have passed out most recently on June 29, 2008 to passersby directly outside and around the Church between 10:45am and 1:30pm EDT. Some of the slanderous statements that you and your Committee have willfully propagated in the leaflet include:

In the very title, you allege that “The Chinese Gospel Church Is Trying To Take Away The Liu Family’s House”. As you well know, the will of Mrs. Margaret Liu dated Sept. 20, 2004 does not mention the Church whatsoever.
In paragraph one, you allege that the beneficiary of the home named by Mrs. Liu in her will, the Chinese Christian Herald Crusades, is linked to Chinese Gospel Church. This is entirely false – these two organizations are completely independent.
In paragraph three, you again allege that the Church is claiming the home and is “dragging” your family into court, despite moral issues. Not only are these allegations false, they accuse the Church of immoral action, which impugns the very character of the Church and each of its members.
In paragraph four you again malign the Church and its members by stating that the Church is hypocritical, acting in opposition to its most core mandate, to preach the Gospel.
In point #1 you again allege that the Church is claiming the home and you invite the public-at-large to disturb the work of the Church by calling it to support for your false claims.

In a printed media interview that you gave to Ming Pao on June 30, 2008 you furthered the slander: In this article you stated that Rev. C.K. Wong went to the Liu home to threaten you to turn over the home. This is false. No one from Chinese Gospel Church made any such visit nor made any such request, neither in person nor by any form of communication. This article quotes you saying that the Church sent you legal papers via a lawyer, threatening you and warning you not to talk about this matter. This is also false. On June 30, 2008 the Church had not even retained a lawyer and has still not done so.

The Church has made it clear to you on several occasions that your false and injurious allegations should be stopped immediately. For example, an email dated June 28, 2008 at 5:01pm EDT (which precedes the June 29 protest and media interviews), with the subject: “The real facts around Mrs. Liu's estate”, was sent to you at your Committee’s registered email address, In this email, you were apprised of the following:

“In light of the facts above, the church respectfully and strongly requests that there be no further attempts to suggest that the church is connected with the disposition of Mrs. Liu’s estate. The church reserves the right to refer all future matters so-connected to legal counsel.”

By way of this letter, the Church now hereby immediately demands the following of you and your Committee:

Stop making and propagating the slanderous statements documented above, and any other statements alleging that Rev. C.K. Wong or the Church are receiving or influencing who is to receive the home.
Stop organizing and executing protests of any kind against Rev. C.K. Wong or the Church in connection with the will of Mrs. Margaret Liu.
Issue a signed, written apology to the Church retracting the slanderous statements made against Rev. C.K. Wong and the Church.

The Church has been working with the inner city community including the poor, the disadvantaged, refugees, and new immigrants since its founding in 1963. The Liu family’s and the Committee’s disagreement with the designation made by Mrs. Liu in her will has nothing to do with the Church and its continuing ministry to the community. Your actions and those of your Committee serve only to interfere with the good work the Church is doing.

Chinese Gospel Church of Toronto

mollymew said...

This is the sort ofthing that makes me wish I hadn't vowed to not delete anything but commercial spam. As I've perhaps mentioned before the two organizations mentioned are "independent" in the same sense as different orders of the Catholic Church are "independent" from each other. Each Catholic order is independently incorporated. In the case of residential schools scandal here in Canada this has meant that plaintiffs cannot sue for damages beyond the assets of a given order such as the Oblates. A "community of faith" that has incorporated different organizations is still a community and only "indpendent" in the strict sense of corporate law.

Larry Gambone said...

And it is totally slimy of the CGC of Toronto to use this lawyeristic escape clause to accuse the Liu family of slander. As to the "demands" of the church I would tell them to go piss up a rope if I were the Liu family.

Xavier Hernandez said...

Louise Liu has consistently contradicts herself in the media.

She offers no legal proof that her mother's will is created via illegal means. So far her claim is that her mother *should have* left the house to her and does not make sense to for her to have donated the house to CCHC. Mrs. Liu have every right to donate her properties at her own free will.

Unless Louise Liu can offer proof to show legal wrongdoings in the creation of the will, then the will should be carried out according to the wishes of late Mrs. Liu.

Louise Liu - along with OCAP - then ran smear campagne against the church and CCHC. She claimed that people from the church came to her house and tried to kick her out. Yet she offered no dates and times of such occurances, no witnesses, no eviction notices, no police reports that could back up her sad little story. The church isn't even named in the will - it's CCHC, a newspaper publisher, that was named in the will (CCHC is similar to Maranatha News in the English media). It would more believable if Louise Liu said that CCHC tried to kick her out, but she didn't say that. Also, why didn't she call the police when the situation occurs? If it's really the people from the said church came by, who have no power whatsoever to claim any estate in the will, I'm sure the police would have charged them for fraud already. I welcome anyone to show proof to back up Louise Liu's "the-church-came-to-kick-me-out" story.

I sympathize for Louise Liu's situation, but I have no respect for her actions.