Monday, August 04, 2008


The SAC is a venerable anarchosyndicalist organization in Sweden. despite the temptations and repression of both social democratic and conservative regimes in that country they have survived and continued to press an apolitical class organization method. Lately they have taken up the cause of immigrant labour. This is one of their efforts. The following is taken from the A-Infos website.


Sweden, SAC* takes conflict for Pakistani seamen in Stockholm

There is a campaign home page regarding an ongoing conflict with seamen in Stockholm local of SAC vs Ånedinlinjen that is also in english! This conflict is really nasty because the seamen are sacked and when their contracts end they will not only loose their jobs but also their legal status. There are 18 pakistanis in the Stockholm local on the ship and they have lived in Sweden between 7 - 23 years. The shipping company will ruin their plans for the future, their social life in Sweden (many have lived here longer than some posters on this forum-(A-Inf0s-Molly)) and their economic situation, if we can't stop them.

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