Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's coming soon, one of the proliferating anarchist bookfairs in Canada. This time it's the long running Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair, due to be held from October 3 to 5 in the Ukrainian Centre, 11018 97th Street, Edmonton, Alberta. It's become quite the tradition since 2002. Why not attend ? Here's the preliminary announcement and the call for venders.
Canada, Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair - Call for Vendors - Please forward widely!
October 3rd - social evening (specific events TBA)
---- October 4th-5th (bookfair component)
---- Ukrainian Centre, 11018 97th Street Edmonton,Alberta
---- Call for Vendors ----
Since 2002, the Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair has provided Anarchists, activists, and the simply curious the opportunity to learn, share ideas and connect with others. Vendors and speakers from across North America attend each year, with around a thousand attendees passing through during the event. Previous vendors have included AK Press and thoughtcrimeink. Previous speakers have included Ward Churchill and Allan Antliff.
The 2008 Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair will again provide a forum to explore ideas and learn. It will be a festival of humanity and liberation,a warming beacon on the prairie.
We are inviting vendors, alternative/independent publishers and social justice/radical groups to offer:
1. Literature - books, pamphlets, zines, etc.
2. Merchandise - clothing, art, crafts, etc.
3. Awareness of and information on your group
* Preference will be given to vendors that provide anarchist/activist literature or merchandise.
* Limited assistance for travel and billeting may be available for out of town vendors.
* We are able to accept merchandise from vendors who are unable to attend the event, but only on a limited basis.
Instructions to submit an application:
* Complete the attached form and email it to
* Include your name, affiliation if any, the number of tables required, and contact information
* Submission deadline is September 15th, 2008
* Only submissions by email are accepted
Submit proposals (email only) to:
2008 Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair Committee
2008 Edmonton Anarchist Bookfair
October 3rd - social evening (specific events TBA)
October 4th-5th (bookfair component)
Ukrainian Centre, 11018 97th Street, Edmonton, Alberta
DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: September 15th 2008
Affiliation (if any):
Prov or State:
Postal Code:
Telephone: Fax:
Email (required):
How many tables will you require?:
Brief description of what your table(s) will offer the public:
Travel Information:
1. Where will you (and your co-presenters) be traveling from, and by what method?
2. If you will be driving, can you drive other people that need rides in your area? If so, how many spaces can you provide?
3. If you are not driving, can you ride with other people? How many spaces will you need?
4. Do you require a travel subsidy? If so, how much?
1. Will you need a place to stay while you are in Edmonton? If so, for how many, and for how long? Please provide dates
.2. Other concerns or considerations, including smoke or pet allergies?
Will you require childcare? For how many children?
-- Vexilla regis inferni prodeunt!

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