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The following solidarity appeal is from the IUF website, and it concerns layoffs at the Polish turkey processor Indykpol.


Help 'NSZZ' Solidarnosc to halt mass layoffs at Polish turkey processor Indykpol! :
Polish IUF-affiliate NSZZ Solidarnosc is fighting mass layoffs of 264 employees at leading Polish turkey processor Indykpol decided by the company management while an industrial dispute around pay and working conditions is ongoing. The layoffs equal to about 60% of the total workforce in Œwiebodzin and 30% in Lublin.The National Commission of NSZZ Solidarnosc has approved nation-wide strike actions against Indykpol's decision that will take place in Warsaw on August 8, 2008. NSZZ Solidarnosc is calling for support to fight back the layoffs and get management to start meaningful negotiations. You can support the Polish union's struggle by using the form below to send a message to the Indykpol top management.

Go to THIS LINK to send the following letter:

To: Mr Piotr Kulikowski, Chairman of INDYKPOL S.A., Mr Krzysztof Sitarek, Chairman of ELDROB S.A., Mr Feliks Kulikowski, Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Dear Sirs,
The IUF informed us about your plans to close your company slaughter line and carry out the mass dismissal of 264 workers at your ELDROB S.A. and INDYKPOL plants namely in Œwiebodzin and Lublin.

We are aware that you are taking these measures at a time when your employees have an industrial dispute ongoing with you. We consider your current position to be an attack on NSZZ Solidarnosc and support the justified demands of the union to:
- revoke the mass layoffs and swiftly restart good faith negotiations over pay and working conditions with Indykpol workers and their NSZZ Solidarnosc union representatives

- halt any retaliatory measures against workers and their union representatives
- comply with social dialogue rules under European Union legislation and with ‘special dialogue’ requirements on employment strategy;

We also note with deep concern you did not attend the meeting with the union and its expert to discuss the real financial situation of the company without any prior notification.

Furthermore, we fully support the strike actions approved by the National Commission of NSZZ Solidarnosc on behalf of your employees and we stand in solidarity with our Polish colleagues from ELDROB S.A. and INDYKPOL S.A. in their struggle for their basic rights.
Yours sincerely,

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