Friday, August 01, 2008

I've managed to regain access to the blog. As you may gather from the previous post I found out that I could publish, but I couldn't open the blog. I'd get an "Internet Explorer cannot open the site 'blah, blah, blah'" message. Looking around I found that several other blogs were experiencing the same problem. Looking further I found that the problem was not "directly" with Blogger. This is not the today's problem of some blogs being classified as spam. If this happens you cannot publish to the blog.
The problem seems to lie with the 'Sitemeter' site. Several commentators on 'Blogger Help' noted that eliminating the Site Meter part of their template returned their blog to functionality. Molly did this, and lo and behold it worked. I can view the blog once more. If you try and access the Sitemeter site itself you get exactly the same message.
So...for all those bloggers who have had the same problem as I have- delete the Sitemeter. I'll try and re-enable the Sitemeter later- as soon as I can reach the main website itself. I hope this helps some other people who may have been worried.
Molly with steady fingers.

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