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The following appeal is from the Jobs With Justice Coalition, and it concerns solidarity with the writers, drivers and other employees working for the Popular American Idol TV show produced by FremantleMedia. have a look.


Take Action In Support of Fremantle Workers!‏
The Writer's Guild of America West, and the Writer's Guild of America East and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters recently launched the American Idol Truth Tour! As American Idol travels around the country holding auditions for the upcoming season, the Truth Tour has been raising awareness about the substandard working conditions faced by writers, drivers and other employees working for FremantleMedia, the producer of American Idol and other hit television programs. Many Fremantle workers, including writers and drivers, do not receive benefits that are standard in the entertainment industry including minimum compensation, health insurance or retirement benefits.

To watch video of the Truth Tour, read stories about the Fremantle's treatment of its workers, and get more information go to

Please take action! Send a letter to CEO, Cecile Frot-Coutaz,and demand respect for FremantleMedia workers by going to

About FremantleMedia

FremantleMedia is a major American production company that produces the highest-rated program on television, American Idol,as well as other network prime time programs including Million Dollar Password for CBS, Farmer Wants a Wife for the CW and America's Got Talent for NBC.

While Fremantle profits from Idol and other shows it produces, the writers, drivers, and other workers who make these shows successful, do not. Workers on Fremantle shows have reported serious workplace issues such as the withholding of overtime pay, and failure to provide meal or rest breaks. Many Fremantle workers do not receive benefits that are standard in the entertainment industry including minimum compensation, health insurance or retirement benefits. Fremantle has also chosen to use non-union drivers who work excessive overtime without proper rest periods or drug and alcohol testing.

About the American Idol Truth Tour

The Truth Tour kicked off with a press conference July 16th at the headquarters of the Writers Guild of America West. Teamsters Local 399 President Tony Cousimano was joined by former American Idol worker, Justin Buckles, WGAW Vice President David N. Weiss,WGAW and others to announce the beginning of the tour. Then over 50 WGAW, SAG, and Teamster members and supporters boarded a bus and traveled to the first stop outside the American Idol auditions at the Cow Palace in San Francisco, California.

The Truth Tour has also made stops in Phoenix, Arizona, San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Jacksonville, FL!

On Tuesday, August 19, at 12 pm in New York City, the Truth Tour will hold its grand finale: A mass rally sponsored by the Writers Guild of America East, Writers Guild of America West,and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Union members and supporters will hold an informational picket at the New York offices of FremantleMedia at 28 East 28th Street in Manhattan.For more information about this event please contact WGAW Organizer Jayson Pope at .

You can take action on this alert via the web at:

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We encourage you to take action by September 10, 2008

Respect For FremantleMedia Workers


If you have access to a web browser, you can take action on this alert by going to the following URL:

Your letter will be addressed and sent to:Ms. Cecile Frot-Coutaz


Dear [decision maker name automatically inserted here],

As a concerned member of the public, I am writing to let you know that I support Fremantle writers and other workers who help make your programs, including American Idol, such a success. I strongly believe Fremantle should properly recognize the contribution of its employees by providing them with industry standard benefits.

As the producer of the most popular show on television, Fremantle has the responsibility and the means to provide industry standard benefits to these workers. FremantleMedia North America is the largest profit contributor to its immediate parent company, FremantleMedia, Ltd., a network of global production companies producing shows in 55 countries. With the success of American Idol and other hit shows, you should be able to provide benefits like portable health insurance and a pension plan.

It is time for Fremantle to do the right thing. Don't be unfair to your workers by withholding overtime pay, failing to provide meal breaks and industry standard benefits.

Thank you.



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Letter sent, Molly. Thanks for posting this story.

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