Thursday, August 07, 2008

As Molly has mentioned before it's probable that half the world has heard of the recent murder of Tim McLean by nutbar Vince Li on a Winnipeg bound bus. The murder had all the requisite cache- a totally random attack, beheading of the victim and even cannibalism. The story has provoked a spate of rumours, some of which have been disproved- such as the involvement of a female coworker of McLean's who he supposedly called Li out on for "hitting on". Another that hasn't yet been refuted is that the drug Ecstasy was being sold on the bus. Sounds like the good old "riding the dog" that Molly remembers from her youth. By itself Ecstasy is a rather benign drug, but because of the drug prohibition laws its sale reverts to the provenance of a criminal element that often cuts the samples with less benign substances.
All that is water under the bridge, and I'm sure that a lot more rumours will fly and be either substantiated or confirmed in the days to come. But, as might be expected in such circumstances the ghouls are moving in to (at least in their own bizarre views of the world) take advantage of the situation. The first such "usual suspect" is PETA, the People for Ethical Treatment of Animals. Now, these people are not the flakiest breakfast cereal in a box, but they come close. Unlike some of my deluded "comrades" from the self-styled 'Animal Liberation Front' they hardly ever engage in violence. It would, after all, interfere with the serious business of making money, like the infamous Greenpeace (the one referred to by those who have split away from it as 'Greenpeace-INC'). But they sure are masters of the stunt. Their latest stunt was to try and run an ad in the Portage la Prairie 'Portage Daily Graphic' trying to equate Tim's murder with the eating of meat. You can read the full text at their website - they still are shameless enough to feature it- even though the Portage newspaper refused to run the trash. A little quotation follows-take your Gravol-:
" innocent young victim's throat is cut...his struggles and cries are ignored...the man with the knife shows no emotion...the victim is slaughtered and his head is cut off...his flesh is eaten. It's still going on!"
OK, PETA is one sick set of puppies. But there is a method behind their madness. They know very well how to gain attention, whether it be by gratuitous nudity, by the 'celebrity endorsement', from the usual vacuous crew of celebrities who haven't thought an original thought in a decade, and, in this case by giving gratuitous offense. The trick is that there enough people with disposable income (and sometimes those without who send money anyways-hey people like PETA aren't big into either shame nor anything resembling morality beyond their "righteous cause") who can be tweaked by such foul tactics to part with their loot. Like Greenpeace PETA ideologues make their living off this sort of thing. If you want to place them in a circle of Dante's Inferno put them in along with the "hypocrites" of the tele-evangelist crowd. Very similar indeed, merely a different set of "marks".
But speaking of the evangelist crowd, another set of ghouls has promised/threatened to come to Winnipeg to-literally I shit you not- "protest" at the funeral of young Tim Mclean this coming Saturday. The Westboro Baptist Church has to be some sort of Academy Award winner for religious cultism, even down USA way in the "land of the nut and the home of the cult". If you want to read the full story of these crazies see the Wikipedia article on them. You can also access their own bizarre website at the following (hold on to your shorts)
.No, I'm not kidding. This is for real. This group, which seems to be mostly composed of a very inbred set of relatives, has made it a speciality to disrupt funerals. These have been the funerals of victims of gay bashing, of victims of AIDS, victims of industrial accidents and (wait for it) funerals of US soldiers killed in Iraq. Yep, once more I'm not kidding. The idea behind the latter two categories is that every death is evidence of God's punishment for America's sin of abandoning Christianity as defined by the cult. After the mass murder of 5 Amish girls last year the cult threatened to disrupt their funerals, but was "bought off" by an hour of airtime on radio. Needless to say local Baptist ministers here in Winnipeg are appalled by the use of the term 'Baptist' by this group. The various "demons" of the cult include not just homosexuals but also Catholics, Jews, Muslims, Canadians, Chinese, Billy Graham, blacks,Irish, "slant-eyes" and a quazillion other targets.
Well, the cult is, luckily, more than slightly full of bullshit. They have often announced their intentions to picket and never followed through. They have a rather "full slate" in the upcoming weekend as they also have promised/threatened to protest events in Toronto and in Red Deer Alberta at the same time. No doubt "with God all things are possible", but it would still be something of a stretch for the Almighty to arrange for them to be in three places at the same time- beats "two places at the same time" hands down. In the USA ex-servicemen who have become bikers (perhaps a logical progression) have formed the "Patriot Guard Riders' to protect the funerals of servicemen from desecration by these nuts. Should the cult come to Canada's 'Murder City' aka Winnipeg one might imagine that they would meet a rather forceful non-biker response from locals (most of Winnipeg's bikers are either in jail or laying very low). But would be a considerable risk. Hey baby, this ain't Topeka Kansas !
These nuts have inspired a lot of parody efforts. My favourite is the 'Eastboro Baptist Church' site ( ), but there are others ie
God Hates Fags (an English site)
Don't let this be a mere exercise in viewing the freaks at the circus. Look above. Molly has given the websites of the two ghoulish organizations that want to denigrate the tragedy that has occured here, and to profit from it. These buggers are open to protest on their sites, and Molly has already done her little bit. No doubt little of the response will be published in the case of PETA and none of it in the case of the Westboro Baptist Church, but you can still bug the bastards and give them a few hemorrhoids. Is this "mean" ? Well yes, but both groups have a modus operandi of always bugging and torturing others. It's all they do. It's about time this was turned back on them . Send your protest to PETA and the Westboro Baptist Church. Tell them Molly sent you, and pass this appeal on.


Larry Gambone said...

My favorite God Hates You types are the Hamers, Caleb and Elsie, See

mollymew said...

My own favourite holly rollers, who aren't even offensive at all- except if they knock on your door at inconvenient times-, are the Jehovah's. Comes from way back when I used to sell the local lefty rag, 'Prairie Fire' on the streetcorner that I shared with a Jehovah. We'd take coffee breaks together and shoot the shit, without ever being offensive to each other.
Their God may indeed be nasty; I think only 188,000 are destined to be "saved", but at least he wasn't always making a big display of it though his followers. I'llcheck out the site you suggested. The God of these people sounds very much like a Rottweiller simultaneously suffering from dental decay, irritable bowel syndrome and incurable hemmorhoids. Enough to make even the Almighty mean !