Friday, August 15, 2008

The foillowing appeal is from the Clean Clothes Campaign, an international support group for workers in the textile industry.

Pakistani Police Attack Peaceful Demonstration at Naveena Textile - Send a Letter Today!‏:
Three hundred workers have been locked out and six face charges for participating in a peaceful demonstration protesting illegally low wages at Naveena Textile Mills in Lahore, Pakistan
On July 30 workers, labour officials and activists gathered outside the Naveena factory to demand that management stop paying wages below the legal minimum of RS. 6000 and abide by Pakistan’s labour law and international labour standards. In response, police reportedly attacked the peaceful demonstrators with batons, used tear gas in an attempt to disperse them, and arrested and detained six people including CMKP Punjab President Taimur Rehman, Rafaqat Ali Azad, Muhammad Ilyas from the All-Pakistan Trade Union Federation (APTUF), CMKP Lahore District Committee (DC) member Muhammad Ali Jan and Adam Shah and Bilal, workers from the Naveena Textile Mills. The six have since been released, but charges have been filed against them.
Take action now to demand that the charges are withdrawn and Naveena workers receive the wages they are legally entitled to!
The Constitution of Pakistan, in addition to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and ILO Conventions, recognise the fundamental rights of freedom of expression, association and assembly. The ability of workers to collectively express their grievances and their right to consult and engage in a dialogue with employers is a fundamental part of a just and democratic society and essential for harmonious industrial relations.
Send a message to Pakistani officials demanding they protect the human rights of their citizens. Help ensure that the unfair charges against the peaceful protesters are dropped, and that workers are reinstated and receive the minimum wage in accordance with the law

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