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The following event is sponsored by the Winnipeg Copwatch.

Run For Rights - Winnipeg Copwatch
Time Saturday, June 4 · 8:30am - 11:30am


Location Kildonan Park
2021 Main St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba

Created By Winnipeg Copwatch

More Info

Winnipeg Copwatch in a volunteer-run, grassroots organization that monitors the police, working to end police brutality and misconduct and increase police accountability .

Run For Rights ( ) is organized by a coalition of Winnipeg groups working for human rights, including Winnipeg Copwatch. There are multiple ways in which you can help out:
*You can go to the Run For Rights website and download and
print off a pledge form for Winnipeg Copwatch, if you would
like to participate in the Run yourself.

*You can participate on behalf of the entire coalition where
all the funds you raise get spread out amongst the 17 coalition
members, also visit the Run For Rights website and download
and print a Coalition pledge form.

*You can message Winnipeg Copwatch on facebook or at our
email address ( ) letting us know how
much you would like to pledge one of our volunteer runners,
along with your phone number so we can get a hold of you.

*For those out-of-towners on our friends list who would like to
contribute, we will (more than) gladly accept mail-in donations
of cash, cheques or money orders. Please mail those donations

Winnipeg Copwatch
2F-91 Albert St.
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3B 1G5

Copwatch does not receive any funding from the government or private funders, but from supportive community members, so this is a very important fundraising event for our organization. This year in particular, our 5th anniversary, when we are organizing an international conference ( ), funds will not only go to our regular operating costs, but also to bring in fabulous keynote speakers, panelists, workshop presenters and will ensure that we put on the best conference about policing that we can.

If you would like to participate in the event, you are encouraged to do so in any way you feel comfortable, either 5KM or 10KM:
*Wheel (skateboard, wheelchair, bike, scooter, rollerblade)

It's a fun, non-competitive event that is a great way to spend a Saturday morning! Everyone is welcome.

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