Saturday, January 02, 2010

Ah, the wonderful world of Facebook. Here in Winnipeg, as in many other cities where good taste takes a back seat to revenue generation, the administration of Mayor Sam Katz has determined that "naming rights" for various city properties should be sold to private interests. The possibilities, of course, are endless. The Steven Harper Memorial Urinal ? The Stockwell Day City Garbage Bin ? You could, of course, name sewer drains after personal enemies. A group of Winnipegers has an appropriate idea to memorialize the directing hand behind this campaign. Here's the intro to the "Committee to rename a city service to 'Sam Katz Hates Poor People'" Facebook page.
Committee to rename a city service to 'Sam Katz Hates Poor People':
We plan to pay the City of Winnipeg to rename an as-yet-undecided public city service using the recently announced program to sell naming rights to city services for cash.
The new name is also undecided, but will more than likely be unflattering to Mayor Katz, and could include any of the following:
* 'shill for rich property developers'
* 'tax-dodging hypocrite'
* 'all-around sleazy jerk'
Any other suggestions are welcome!
See this CBC News article for background on what looney-tunes idea Katz has now: (read more)
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