Saturday, November 13, 2010


I've been meaning to highlight this local blog for some time. The Workers Struggle With the Modern Post is a blog set up by a militant in Local 856 of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) here in Winnipeg. It has the approval of the Local. I've been following this blog for some time, and I've been very impressed by what I saw there. The "modern post" model, also called the "multi bundle delivery model", is a management scheme whereby there will be a speedup in processing at mail depots and also a change whereby individual mail carriers will be responsible for delivering not just ordinary mail but also parcels. This will involve a shift to vehicle delivery as opposed to the present walking mail delivery. It also involves a lenghtening of the workday. This "model" is being tried out here in Winnipeg before being implemented across the country. Front line postal workers have a different opinion about its effectiveness than management has.

The blog in question was set up to oppose this change, but its circle of concerns has expanded far beyond the original intent to embrace other matters of working conditions at Canada Post as well as the effect of the changes on the public. In terms of the latter here is a recent post from the blogsite. Please go to the original blog to read all of the many expressions of discontent of the employees of Canada Post here in this city.
Customer Service? What is that?
I am a concerned carrier out of SW Depot - i would like to hear some thoughts on the situation that has occurred on a daily basis for more than a week at SW - NON DELIVERY OF MAIL!!! It was not too long ago that even one letter left in a turnaround case could mean discipline to any one carrier. We now have entire routes not being delivered on a daily basis - Priors, Expresspost, registers etc remaining often for days in our Depot. What has become a priority for CPC - obviously not customer service. Has CPC put a freeze on hiring? A freeze on training new staff for all aspects of the job ( ie driving - VOP )? It astounds me that this new "delivery model" of CPC's was touted as "improving service to have only one employee doing all aspects of delivery/pickup for CPC in a given area". Well if the public only knew what deterioration has come from "Modern Post" they would be in an uproar. Daily, entire routes are not delivered, portions of others for days at a time, and Priors, Express Post and other expensive service options such as Registered and Re-Direct mail are left behind! What is CPC trying to do to this company? Is this really a purpose full self destruction of CPC - if so, we all better ready ourselves for a dismal financial future for CPC.... our jobs and our pensions with this company. Worried at SW.

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