Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The following appeal to pressure clothing retailer Gymboree to stop stocking items made by child labour in the country of Uzbekistan comes from the International Labour Rights Forum.
Call Gymboree About Forced Child Labor TODAY!‏

Give Gymboree a Call TODAY about Forced Child Labor!
Call Gymboree at 1-800-222-7758 extension 7264 and leave a message saying

"As a consumer, I want to be sure that workers are respected in the production of my clothes. Gymboree is one of a handful of major clothing companies that has not taken any action to address forced child labor in Uzbekistan’s cotton industry. This inaction is unacceptable and I expect your company to do more to stop this abuse today. Will you issue a statement opposing forced child labor and commit to stop sourcing Uzbek cotton today?"

Let us know how your call went here!

THANK YOU to everyone who took action last week to tell Abercrombie & Fitch and Gymboree to speak out about forced child labor in Uzbekistan's cotton industry. Your actions are definitely making a difference!

Many of you may have received a response from Abercrombie stating that the company has a policy to not source cotton from Uzbekistan due to the government's practice of removing millions of children from school and forcing them to pick cotton. It's clear that when consumers speak up, companies will listen and this commitment is an important first step. We are working to get more details from Abercrombie on how it implements this policy, especially as the government of Uzbekistan is holding a cotton fair to sell it's cotton to international traders RIGHT NOW even as children are continuing to be forced to pick cotton.

On the other hand, Gymboree, the children's clothing store, continues to be silent on the ongoing exploitation of children in the cotton industry. Gymboree needs to hear your voice TODAY. Please take a minute to call Gymboree and tell them the time for remaining silent about forced child labor is over! Check out the call-in information and sample script in the box to the right. After you make your call, let us know how it went here.

After you call Gymboree, take action on Facebook by visiting Gymboree's Facebook page and posting this message: Gymboree: Time to break the silence on forced child labor in Uzbekistan's cotton industry! Commit to stop sourcing Uzbek cotton today. Take action on Twitter by posting this message: @Gymboree: Break the silence! Commit to stop sourcing cotton made by forced child labor in Uzbekistan today!


This message you brought to you by the International Labor Rights Forum.

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