Sunday, October 31, 2010



On November 6 there will be a demonstration against the new Québec budget and its attack on health care in that province. Here`s the notice from the Collectif Emma Goldman. The original French version is at their site.

November 6: Action in Chicoutimi against the budget and the commodification of health care

After holding a public meeting in Chicoutimi on the question " Liberal Budget: How to roll back government? " on October 21, the Collectif Emma Goldman now invites you to take action with us on November 6 to say no to the commodification of health care, with expected increased costs previewed in the last budget and the privatization of public services.

- We believe it is essential that all human beings can enjoy equal access to quality public health care .
- We believe that the Government has been contemptuous of health personnel in its negotiations of the Common Front and we support their struggle.
- We are supportive of the social movement on pensions in France and support their Day of Disturbance also on November 6.

We will be holding a picket and a press briefing:
Saturday, November 6, 14.00, Chicoutimi
Corner of Jacques Cartier and Sydenham, near the major seminary

Re-launching the fight, our health is not for sale!

Collectif Emma Goldman
Local collective Union Communiste Libertariare in the Saguenay

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