Friday, April 30, 2010

As long as we're gliding (stumbling ??) on the path that is off the beaten path here's another one I recently come across---the 'Rebel Dog' website. Over there in Greece, the land where they riot more times a day than they eat, it seems that there's a strange apparition that manages to show up at all the exciting places. The 'Rebel Dog' has been spotted at pretty well every demonstration, riot, etc., and now he has his own website devoted to photos of his exploits. Despite government efforts of mass slaughter leading up to the Olympics Greece is infested with stray dogs and cats. The cats are something else. So flea infested that, if the cat is dozing in a place not warm enough for the bugs the fleas lift up the cat and carry it to a warmer location. Am I kidding ???
This website is great. Amuse yourself by taking a gander at what should become a new mascot for the international anarchist movement. Totally incredible. Move over Black Cat. There's a new anarchy symbol in town. You know it's been four years since we were in Greece, but I swear I saw exactly this dog rooting through the garbage on the square near Mitropolis. I know. I know. A lot of stray dogs look very much the same, but I can have my dreams. In any case, here's the intro to the website. Take a peek. It's well worth it. Is it a spoof (the bugger has a collar on) ? I don't know. What I do know and you will too if you look at the photos is that this dog is a survivor big time.
A photographic series of a rebellious stray dog in Athens
To Rebel Dog μπλογκ ειναι ενα προτζεκτ σε εξέλιξη. Θα συνεχίσουμε να προσθέτουμε φωτογραφίες, καταγράφοντας την ιστορία των διαδηλώσεων στην Αθήνα με κοινό παρονομαστή τον ρεμπελο σκυλο. Αν έχετε φωτογραφίες του, μπορείτε να τις στείλετε στο (παρακαλούμε, μόνο του συγκεκριμένου σκυλου)

The Rebel Dog blog is a work in progress. We will keep on adding more photos of this rebel dog. If you want to contribute to this series of photos please send your photo to (please, just photos of the specific dog)


alepouda said...

he is a stray. Τhe blue cοllar and the tags inticate that he is vaccinated and all by citizen grοups that take care strays

Larry Gambone said...

Long live Rebel Dog! Good to see the four legged comrades lining up with us...

mollymew said...

Thanks for the info Alepouda.
I was unaware of the blue collar program, but it sounds like a really good idea. What I saw in Greece (and also in southern Spain)amazed me. The strays seem to live in peaceful coexistence with the humans. In Rodos I got touched up for a donation for the care of the stray cats (many and very flea bitten- as I said). Here in "beautiful" Winnipeg Manitoba the stray dogs usually run from people, but sometimes you'd better run from them. They are also not usually "real strays", just "loose dogs", at least in the summer months. Winter here has a tendency to result in a pretty well 100% kill rate for stray dogs. Even for the stray cats (there are a lot more real eaxamples of such) winter probably results in an over 70% death rate.
Just as an aside you HAVE to see the other photos, particularily the one where Rebel Dog seems to be taking on a full squad of riot police. I am in eternal wonder about how the Athens dog catchers have yet to nab Rebel Dog. He hardly seems either frightened or threatening (except in front of the line of riot police). Should be an easy snag. Perhaps Athens Animal Control (if it exists) are the laziest bastards on Earth, surpassing even the average Spanish policeman who seems to exist in a seperate reality outside of normal time. I swear I saw one Barcelona cop who managed to make ONE cigarette last almost 1/2 hour. Slow burn people. Slow burn.
I echo Larry. Viva El Pero Rebelde !!!!

alepouda said...

Well, there was an other rebellious dog that died recently. He was very old (around 17)and a true legend. His name was kanelos, which means Cinnamon. He had similar action with the rebel dog and he also lived around the central area of Exarcheia, the neigborhood were the cops shot the 17 year old Alexandros on December 2008 and the greek riots started.
The dog, Kanelos, when he grow older start to hang around the techical university which is near the area. The students and other people took care of him, even a vet would visit him.
When the Dean of Architecture, of the university called the animal control to catch Kanellos, almost a riot started. A petition and a demostration was held, demanding the release of Kanelos. They finally released him but the dog was quite old and had arthritis, so the students gather money and bought him a wheel-chair for dogs. A student took him into his apartment were Kanelos lived until he finally died. He was buried with honor.
Rebel dog follows the legacy of Kanelos (a dog that even got to have a song written for him)thats why some people are calling him Kaneloni, which means something like: Little Kanelos

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