Friday, April 02, 2010

Most bosses you want to get rid of. This boss is one the workers want to keep. I'm speaking of the suit manufacturer Hugo Boss. Over three hundred workers in Cleveland are being threatened with layoffs because Hugo Boss wants to close the factory and relocate to places of cheaper labour. Their union Workers United isn't taking this laying down, and has been waging a long campaign to pressure the company to keep the facility open. This action has enlisted the support of many celebrities, especially actor Danny Glover, and it seems to be having an effect. Here's the story and appeal from Workers United.
Tell Hugo Boss to keep making suits in the USA
Hugo Boss says it needs to close its U.S. suit factory in Cleveland and fire more than 300 dedicated workers. They say they want to make suits more cheaply in Turkey or Eastern Europe. They don’t even claim the Cleveland factory is losing money -- they just say they need to make a bit more money.

We are already making a difference in the fight to keep this plant open. When we joined Danny Glover and asked celebrities not to wear Hugo Boss on the Oscar Red Carpet, they listened. Hugo Boss wrote, “Due to the recent boycott spearheaded by actor Danny Glover, our wardrobing efforts were significantly diminished for this year’s Academy Awards.”

Recently faced with the threat of a formal National Labor Relations Board complaint, Hugo Boss has agreed to return to the bargaining table. But we need to keep the pressure on Hugo Boss not to close the plant as planned on April 27. Sign this petition, and we'll make sure it gets to Hugo Boss, its investors, and to celebrities who still need to get the message that it’s best to be UnBossed.

The Petition:
Please go to this link to sign the following petition demanding that Hugo Boss' Cleveland factory remain open
Petition to Hugo Boss, investors and stars:
We the undersigned urge Hugo Boss and the Permira fund that controls Hugo Boss to keep the Boss suit factory in Cleveland, Ohio open. Preserve the jobs of over 300 dedicated employees who contribute to the company’s revenues, dividends and profits. We urge celebrities to continue supporting the Hugo Boss workers by remaining UnBossed. Don’t wear Hugo Boss clothing to public events and ceremonies. We urge pension funds and other investors in the Permira private equity fund that owns Hugo Boss to press Permira and Hugo Boss to keep the Ohio factory open.

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