Friday, April 16, 2010

There are many countries in the world where it is tough to be an anarchist, but Russia may hold some special place in this line-up. Of course it is hard to be anything that has a different opinion than the rulers in Russia. Here's a case in point from the Russian Avtonom website, a story and an appeal for solidarity with a falsely accused Siberian anarchist. the following has been slightly edited for English grammar.
A frameup against anarchist in Tyumen, Siberia
In evening of 14th of April officers of Center of Counteraction Against Extremism (“Center E”) in Tyumen region searched a house and arrested for 48 hours a local anarchist and member of Autonomous Action Andrey Kutuzov. According to friends of Andrey, the pretext of the arrest was a leaflet, which Center E officers considered “extremist”. Friends of Andrey say that leaflet was planted during the search. Andrey Kutuzov and Rustam Fahretdninov were arrested in January of 2009 for “political vandalism”, eventually criminal case against them was closed due to “lack of proof”. This history resulted a criminal case against officers of “Center E”, who back then beat up one of the arrested.

Last year, three houses were searched and the pretext of the repression was an anti-militarist leaflet and graffiti against a local military call-up center, wheatpasting against police brutality in spring of 2008 and a memorial action for Stanislav Markelov and Anastasia Baburova 21st on January 2009, where besides flowers a leaflet was also wheatpasted to the memorial statue of revolutionaries in the city. Back then, “Center E” officers were searching homes together with SOBR commandos. Computers, samizdat press and leaflets against police brutality were confiscated.

Last year, for many hours “Center E” denied the arrest, disinforming friends and family of the arrested. Eventually criminal case against Andrey Kutuzov and Rustam Fahretdinov were dropped only in August of 2009.

And now Andrey is again targeted by “Center E”, which is going maverick. Andrey is a linguist, working in the philological faculty of the Tyumen state university.

Please call Center of Counteraction Against Extremism in Tyumen region to ask what are they up to: +7-3452-31-25-88 – Ravil Solimovich Mukhamadulin

Press-center of the local police department: +7-3452-79-30-12

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