Saturday, April 10, 2010

Linchpin is the online (and occasional print) newsletter of the Ontario platformist organization Common Cause. Their April 2010 edition is now available. Here's the announcement. Go to the website to read the full articles.
@@@@@@@@@@ - April 2010

**With the Ontario budget recently announced Ann Stuart analyzes at the devastating cut that eliminated the "Special Diet" supplement from social assistance in Ontario and argues that the Cut to Special Diet isn't about health.

**Bringing the view from the street, Mick Sweetman reports on a defiant and rowdy public meeting by poor people in East Downtown Toronto that was held just a day after the cuts were announced.

**In response to federal cuts to the Aboriginal Healing Foundation 6 women were arrested at sit-in at Chuck Strahl’s office. Ottawa correspondent Greg Macdougall reports on the hypocritical policies that see Stephen Harper's government apologize for horrors of residential schools then cut the funding to help the survivors of them.

**Meanwhile in Montreal, over 15,000 people protested against the Quebec provincial budget there and we are proud to reprint a statement by Union Communiste Libertaire (UCL) against privatization and price increases as well as a photo essay and video from the mobilizations.

**Northern Ontario correspondent Scott Neigh continues to bring us great stories this time taking us inside the first time Israeli Apartheid Week hit Sudbury, Ontario last month.

**Last but not least we are happy to to welcome Sara Falconer and 4strugglemag to our pages as we reprint an interview with An Interview with Laura Whitehorn on The War Before. A book by and about the life-story of former Black Panther and U.S. Political Prisoner Safiya Bukhari.

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