Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Sklar Peppler plant in Ajax Ontario is one of those where "bankruptcy pays", at least for corporate management, as detailed in the story below. Not so for the workers laid off during the wheeling and dealing. The United Steelworkers reports that the Canadian Labour Congress has called for a national boycott of Sklar Peppler and Alan White Furniture in response to the underhanded way that workers at the plant have been treated. Here's the story from the Steelworkers' website. The news is not yet up at the CLC website, but it likely will be shortly.
National Boycott of Sklar Peppler, Alan White Furniture

RELEASE, 13 April, 2010 - About 100 Steelworkers lost their jobs when a Canadian plant was closed and production shifted to Mississippi.

In support of 100 Steelworkers who lost their jobs and severance pay, the Canadian Labour Congress is asking its three million members to boycott Sklar Peppler, AW Manufacturing Inc. and Alan White brand furniture products.

After moving to Ajax from Whitby in 2006, furniture manufacturer Sklar Peppler went into bankruptcy in August 2008, affecting about 100 Steelworkers.

“The President of Sklar Peppler bought the company’s assets out of bankruptcy in late 2008 and proceeded to close the facility,” notes Ken Neumann, United Steelworkers National Director for Canada. “He then bought AW Manufacturing Inc., another furniture manufacturer in Mississippi, and now uses product from that plant in Mississippi to sell to Sklar’s customers.

“The hard-working Steelworkers that were employed by Sklar Peppler in Canada not only lost their jobs, they lost their severance pay in the bankruptcy proceedings,” Neumann says.

“The Canadian Labour Congress has endorsed a national consumer boycott against Sklar Peppler, Alan White branded furniture and its manufacturer AW Manufacturing,” says CLC President Ken Georgetti.

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