Saturday, July 12, 2008

Workers Solidarity is the eponymous publication of the Irish Workers' Solidarity Movement. The WSM is a platformist group that has had great success in taking the ideas of anarchism to the ordinary person in their country. The latest issue (#104/July/August 2008) is now available. You can download a printable copy at their website. Here's the details.

Workers Solidarity 104

The triumph of greed over need15 years of bumper profits for construction bosses; social housing shortage and heavy mortgages for everybody else
Time for profit restraintWorking people in the Irish Republic have been hearing a lot from the representatives of their exploiters lately about the need for us to exercise ‘pay restraint’ and to ‘moderate our demands’ in these difficult times.
Our bodies, our choiceGoverning parties in the six counties oppose right to choose
Scrap the 11+The ongoing debate about how school pupils should transfer from primary to post-primary school in Northern Ireland raises fundamental questions about the type of society we want to live in.
Thinking about anarchism: Why class matters Many figures in the economic and political elite argue that we now live in a classless society.Why then do anarchists argue that only the working class has the power to create a free and equal society?
Solidarity on Cork docksDockers strike wins cash for unpaid sailors. Interview with SIPTU member.
HSE Board have vested interest in running down the health service Would you put people with a financial interest in running down the public health service in charge of our hospitals?
Lisbon: A class actThe results of this referendum show a vote split along class lines that has not been seen so clearly since the founding of the Republic.

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