Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The following is from the A-Infos website. For more information consult the website of the Northeast Anarchist Network.
US, Call for Submissions to the Nor'Easter* Issue 3
The time has come again to submit articles for the Nor'Easter, the NorthEast Anarchist Network's newspaper! Thanks to all who submitted to the first two papers - hopefully everyone has had the chance to read it and to distribute! Copies are available on the Web site. ---- For the next issue, please submit your articles about recent actions, upcoming and ongoing campaigns, current events, etc. to Noreaster-Submissions AT neanarchist dot net by August 8th. There is going to be a separate call-out for submissions relating to convention report-backs with a deadline of September 12th, but please submit other pieces, reportbacks from actions, etc. to be edited before the convention!
The Nor'Easter is aimed at both anarchists and non-anarchists alike, so a wide range of topics should be considered for submission. -- and send in your ideas of what anarchy is or what an anarchist world may look like for our ongoing series 'What's Your Anarchy?'
Most importantly, please let us know about upcoming events for inclusion in the calendar for the fall-- any events, actions, etc. that you want publicized. Think about your group's actions, local events, bookfairs, etc. This is free publicity, so plan ahead and let us know!===============
* The Official Quarterly of the Northeast Anarchist Network

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