Saturday, November 29, 2008

This coming December 11-15 various groups, including anarchist groups, will be holding protests at the 'Millionaires' Fair' being held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The following callout from the A-Infos site tells the story of the callout for protests. No doubt a worthy thing to protest. What threw Molly for a loop was the idea that there could be such a thing as a 'Millionaires' Fair'. Even outside of tough economic times the whole concept would boggle the imagination. It seems like some sort of exemplar of bad taste, most suitable for the Beverly Hillbillies, and I have a hard time bending my mind around a bunch of nouveaux riches toddling from table to table in a convention centre looking at the trinkets. One wonders what would be on display in such a venue. Wow, and double wow. Life is always interesting if you can discover such bizarre things regularly.
Holland, Amsterdam, Series of protests at Millionaire Fair:
Socialists, anarchists and artists have all announced their own protests at the Millionaire Fair, the yearly event for nouveaux riches and wannabes which will be held at the RAI from 11-15 December.
On Thursday 11 December, a coalition consisting of the social assistance recipients' organisation Bijstandsbond, the Turkish workers' organisation DIDF, [and others] will hold a protest at the entrance of the fair starting at 7.30 pm. 'Let the rich pay for the crisis' will be the message.
"While millions of non-millionaires are very concerned about the impact of the economic crisis, others have no idea how to spend their heaps of money. This absurd contradiction cries out for protest", the initiators explain. They call on supporters to bring banners, plates, whistles, flags, pots and pans.
On the same day, a group that calls itself the 'Uninvited Guests' will organize a protest with a more anarchist angle. The motivation is similar: "In this emerging crisis, which will hurt millions of low-class people around the world, it is sicker than ever for the elite to exuberantly celebrate its multi-million euro party. [...] We want these bastards dealt with and their property taken away from them".
The anarchists will meet at 8.00 pm sharp at the RAI Railway Station in order to 'storm, ruin, block,and disrupt' the fair.
On Sunday 14 December, community art project The Mobile Picnic Table will set up its table at the fair in order to ask visitors critical questions on poverty. This initiative will also be supported by the Bijstandsbond.
The website of Bijstandsbond is

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