Saturday, November 08, 2008

Regina Saskatchewan, Molly's old stomping grounds and one of the more depressing places on Earth. Yes, even more depressing than Winnipeg. There as here as elsewhere the powers that be see fit to "develop the hell" out of old neighbourhoods, and replace useful buildings with white elephants. Here's a story from Act Up in Saskatchewan about one such demolition and what residents are doing to fight another scheme. To say the least city politics back there in Canada's Siberia are just like they are here.
Inner city school demolished:
Written by Trish Elliott
Tuesday, 04 November 2008
Herchmer Community School, once home to a community of more than 200 North Central kids and their families, was brought down with a back-hoe this past weekend. It is the first of several historic inner city schools on the demolition list. Meanwhile, a number of North Central residents and Scott Collegiate alumni are banding together to ensure 85-year-old Scott Collegiate remains standing. Participants in consultations regarding the new Shared Facility that will replace Scott report that the idea of using the existing building as a design centrepiece was never presented as a serious option, despite the surrounding community's desire to keep its heritage buildings in use.
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Anonymous said...

Hello, would it be possible to use the photo of this school in The Sasquatch? Did you take it? If not, do you know who did?

Editor (editorATsasquatchnewsDOTcom)

mollymew said...

No, I didn't take it, and I don't know who did. Sorry I couldn't help ypou with this. I assume, however, that the photo is in the public domain.