Friday, November 14, 2008


The clock is ticking on the final days of the reign of Emperor George II, but, like a presidential pardon for crooks that you are buddies with, the present administration is trying to do as much harm as possible before leaving office. This includes passing new "guestworker regulations" that will gut wages and working conditions for immigrants and American citizens as well. Here's the story from the United Farm Workers and what you can do to help prevent these regulations from being passed.
Stop Bush Admin. From Gutting Farm Worker Protections:
E-Mail the Department of Labor TODAY!
We expect the Bush administration’s Department of Labor to shortly announce new guestworker (H2A) regulations. These regulations, if adopted, will gut existing protections for both domestic and foreign farmworkers and represent a huge step backwards in protecting the hardworking people who put the food on our table.
The regulations will lower farmworker wages, make it easier for local workers to be discriminated against in hiring, and harder for farm workers to obtain decent housing (click here to see a four-page analysis of the regulations).
Numerous recent media reports document how the Bush Administration is making a last minute push to get these and other horrible regulations our before he leaves office.
Please join us in telling the Department of Labor’s Assistant Secretary for Policy, Leon R. Sequeira not to issue these revised regulations. The American people spoke loudly on November 4th and said they had enough with the Bush Administration's anti-worker, anti-immigrant policies. Tell the Department of Labor to allow Congress and the next administration to address these issues.
Send your e-mail today.
Please go to one of the highlighted links above or to THIS LINK to send the following letter to the American administration.
The American people spoke loudly on November 4th, and said we've had enough of the Bush Administration's tired policies and want significant change in Washington DC.

I urge the Bush Administration's Department of Labor not to issue revised H-2A regulations. These regulations will substantially worsen the quality of life for both domestic and foreign guestworkers by lowering wages, increasing discrimination in employment and making it hard for workers to find decent housing.

There are reasonable solutions to address farm labor issues. The planned H-2A regulation policies are inappropriate and wrong. Please allow Congress and the next Administration to address these issues. The change the American people voted for needs to start today.

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