Friday, November 21, 2008

This one is close to Molly's heart, coming as I do from Saskatchewan where a non-state method of cooperative health care ie the community clinics was overwhelemed by statist single payer options due to an over-reliance on statist illusions amongst the people. The comrades in Poland have posed the options starkly and plainly. Socialism can never be statist or it is not socialism. It is rather the rule of a managerial class. At the same time real socialism has to prove itself as better than that of the managers. To do this it has to show that it can perform all the functions that the managers have abrogated to themselves, Here's the Polish case.
Poland, Protest in Krakow - There is an alternative to privatization of health care!:
This was the slogan of a picket held yesterday in Krakow in front of the offices of the Civic Platform party. Civic Platform is the party of the government responsible for pushing through health-care reform and many other anti-labour, neoliberal reforms. The anarchists protested against turning the health care system into a profit-making machine They proposed that hospitals be turned into cooperatives.
---- People from Workers' Initiative from Krakow and Bielsko-Biala took part as well as members of Union of Syndicalists (ZSP) from Silesia and the Anarchist Federation from Krakow and Silesia. Some workers from a hospital in Bielsko Biala also came to the picket.

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