Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The following is from the Avtonom (a Russian anarchist news site)site via the A-Infos site. It has been slightly edited for English grammar.
Russia, Solidarity with Moscow anti-fascist prisoner Aleksey Olesinov!:
On the 18th of November an action against repression of anti-fascists will take place at the Metro Station "Novokucnetskaya" in Moscow. The action will begin 16:00, and will demand freedom for anti-fascist prisoner Aleksey Olesinov. Aleksey has been imprisoned for more than 10 days already, and has been held incommunicado by authorities. His lawyer Stanislav Markelov has still not been allowed to meet with him. His state of health and the conditions in which he is kept are not known to his relatives and friends. Friends of Olesinov are certain, that he is being persecuted due to participation to anti-fascist activities.
---- Aleksei Olesinov was arrested 6th of November, and accused of "hooliganism", according to statue 213, second part of Russian criminal codex. Although he has never before faced criminal charges, he was remanded. Police were motivated to make the decision to remand him by the fact that Olesinov is an anti-fascist activist.
The formal pretext for the arrest is an insignificant fight which took place on the 30th of August between visitors to one of the Moscow clubs and the security of the club. Nobody was wounded during the fight, Olesinov was arrested the same night close to the club, but eventually the police who arrested him did not even press misdemeanor charges against him.
For unclear reasons the case of Olesinov is united with two felony investigations. One of them is the murder case of anti-fascist activist Fyodor Filatov. It is possible, that police are attempting to hide the fact that the investigation is going nowhere by arresting one of the activists of the anti-fascist movement.
The case of Olesinov is under the personal control of first vice-minister of internal affairs M.I.Suhodolskiy. It is rather unlikely, that an average case of "hooliganism" is under the personal control of first vice-minister of internal affairs.
Currently Olesinov is kept in remand prison of "Butyrka", but he was in a police prison for 6 days, which is a reason to believe that police tortured him there in order to gain information on the workings of anti-fascist movement.
Participators of the anti-fascist movement demand to stop violations of legal rights of Aleksey Olesinova, to give him access to a lawyer, and also to stop using the murder of Fyodor Filatov for purposes which have nothing to do whatsoever with the murder investigation.
Contact telephone: +7-985-997-05-24
Donations are very much needed for Olesinov's defence campaign.
You may donate through bank accounts and internet purses of ABC-Moscow.They are available in http://www.avtonom.org/index.php?nid=1912.
Always contact ABC-Moscow* if you made a donation:
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