Saturday, November 08, 2008

The ever active folks at the Pittsburgh Organizing Group have now set up a new quarterly publication, the "Steel City Revolt". Here's their announcement via the A-Infos website.
Pittsburgh Organizing Group (POG) Announcing Steel City Revolt! New Anarchist Quarterly:
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 19:12:52 +0200
It is with great excitement we publicly announce the release of the Steel City Revolt! (SCR), a new quarterly print publication of the Pittsburgh Organizing Group. Our inaugural issue is representative of our aim with anarchist-related articles on events, theory, history, analysis and culture. Our mission statement and submission guidelines are available at
Subscription information: Steel City Revolt is published four times per year, on the fifteenth of every January, April, July and October. The magazine is mailed to all members and supporters of POG. A basic supporter membership is $25. More information, and an online form is available at:
We're still working out the online payment form so we'll contact people after they subscribe with payment instructions.
Issue #1, 48 Pages
Our inaugural issue is representative of our aim with anarchist-related articles on events, theory, history, analysis and culture.Some highlights:
- RNC protest coverage includes two personal accounts, one from a POG member who used a cement lockbox to attach himself to the steering wheel of the car he used to blockade the middle of 7th and Wall streets in Minnesota for over an hour
.- An overview of labor struggles at Equitable Gas, Verizon, and Pittsburgh Port-Authority where management recently announced its intention to impose a contract on workers setting the stage for a possible transit strike on Dec 1.
- A personal reflection on the $700 billion bailout and the broader financial crisis.
- Interviews with four local anarchists on the issue of voting, or not voting, and the broader question of our movement’s relationship to electoral politics.
- The case of Amadeu Casellas: A Spanish Anarchist’s Life and Death Struggle for Freedom.
- Radical gifting ideas, some recipes, and instructions for making things.
Full Table of Contents:
# From the Editors# Mission Statement
# Upcoming Events# Letters to the Editors
# Free Association
# To Vote or Not to Vote
# Reportback from the Jericho March
# Convention Coverage
# Crashing the Convention
# Statement from the RNC 8
# POG Perspectives
# Pittsburgh Labor Struggles
# NAFTA Superhighway to Hell
# Financial Crisis
# The Struggle of Amadeu Casellas
# Reflections on Seattle
# Remembering Marcella Salli Grace and Kirsten Brydum
# Radicals and Holidays
# Book Review: Ishmael
# Why POG is an Anarchist Group
# Get to Know an Anarchist from the Past
# Upcoming Anniversaries in Radical History
# Poetry
# Recent Anarchist Resistance Around the World
# POG Membership Form

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