Friday, November 14, 2008


Coming up tonight ! 'Skip Tracer' Gulp at the Trash Palace down Toronto way. From the Satan Macnuggit news service.

Friday, November 14, doors 8:30 – show 9:30
SECRET LOCATION – tickets @ Tequila Bookworm, 512 Queen St. W
This one is so good, we’ve actually previewed it! And you are in for a treat.
“Skip Tracer” is the standard bearer for the little-remarked “Vancouver New Wave”, a loose collection of out-of-nowhere arty winners from our West Coast compatriots. And it earns its reputation – deliberate without being static, seedy but full of empathy as well.
A tale of a ruthless debt collector who inflicts untold misery on Vancouver’s downtrodden masses before slowly seeing the error of his ways, this flick is funny, touching and horrifying, all in unpredictable combinations.
While the content may be typical 70s-Canuck street-level realism, the form is something else: controlled, austere, almost minimal shooting style, with a disarming undercurrent of surprise that never, ever topples into the dreaded ‘quirky’.
All you lowbrows can relax - there’s some nice sex and violence when you need it; plus, for the camp enthusiasts, tune in for just about the worst, cheesiest, least appropriate music score in the history of cinema! It’s like they pulled in the first passer-by and handed them a Casio. (Where’s Paul Zaza when you need him) But it doesn’t matter.
Take it from Greg, waaay back in Eclectic Screening Room #3: “If cinema had more artists like Zale Dalen who made films from the heart, on the edge, with a level head and a lot of nerve, the art form of the 20th century would be in a lot better place.”
Big screen or small, this movie does not come along every day, so catch this rare 16mm print before it disappears back down the Canuxploitation memory hole!
Plus the usual prizes, surprise shorts, vintage video games...and Episode Six of Bela Lugosi in “The Phantom Creeps”! How many times will Bela turn invisible? Whose car will blow up? Has that robot had a badly-needed enema?
Find out! (By the way, it’s a good week for Canadian movie fans – there’s a FREE 35mm screening of William Fruet’s “Death Weekend” at Innis Town Hall tonight! 7 pm –St. George and Sussex – check it out!)
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