Saturday, November 15, 2008

Molly has already published an article on anarchist and labour memorials of deaths in the month of November, a contrast to the official Remembrance day ceremonies in the Commonwealth. Here's another article about a recent commemoration of such a death that occurred on November 11, 2007 in the Spanish city of Madrid. From the UK Indymedia site....
Mass Antifascist Demonstration in Madrid Remembering Carlos Palomino:
More than 2000 people demonstrated in Madrid on Tuesday 11th November in solidarity, remembrance and homage to Carlos Palomino, the antifa activist murdered exactly one year ago by a far right member of the Spanish army. The demonstration "Carlos, One Year Without You" marked the first anniversary of the 11th of November 2007, when Carlos Javier Palomino, a 16 year old active antifascist in the Madrid circles, died from the stab wounds caused by the fascist Josué Estébanez de la Hija.

A series of remembrance protests occurred throughout Spain, being Madrid where the biggest and most emotive one took place. As one of the banners in front of the demonstration read: "The best homage is to carry on with the struggle".

Video of the demo here which includes an emotive but combative speech by Carlos' mother (sp)Photo galleries one and two.Timeline of the demonstration (sp) here.

On that day, Carlos was on his way to an antifascist counter-demo to protest against a demonstration that had been called by the neo-nazi party Democracia Nacional (National Democracy) in the popular and very ethnically mixed Usera district of Madrid. In Legazpi tube station he encountered the professional soldier on leave whom quickly produced a knife and stabbed Carlos causing his death. His murder sparkled a series of protests around Europe, including a memorial in London's Jubilee Gardens organised by Antifa Britain and the Anarchist Federation.

This week's demonstration was the third large remembrance protest that has taken place in Madrid since Carlos' murder. Half a year ago, and following the call "Carlos Six Months Without You", hundreds took to the streets of Usera, the city's district where the fascists had tried to demonstrate the day Carlos was killed [Video and Photos] And the week that followed the murder one year ago, thousands took to the streets of Madrid despite heavy police repression [Video] and Barcelona [Video and Photos]
There's a discussion going on over at the Anarchist Black Cat discussion board about other events in November worthy of commemoration. Here's a few items that Molly has gleaned from that thread.
-New Zealand, November 12, 1912. Frederick George Evans of the NZ Miners' Union beaten to death by police.
-USA. November 11, 1831. Rebel slave leader Nat Turner hanged by the state of Virginia.
-USA. November 22, 1922. Mexican anarchist leader Ricardo Flores Magon dies under suspicious circumstances while imprisoned in Leavenworth Penitentiary, Kansas USA.
-USA. November 29, 1919. Company goons attack the union hall of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters in Bogalusa, Louisiana killing four organizers.
-USA. November 22, 1886. Between 30 and 100 striking black sugar workers were murdered in Thibodaux, Lousiana.
-Greece. November 14-17, 1973. Uprising against Greek military dictatorship begins in the Polytechnic School in Athens. many killed by the military during the course of the revolt. First public reappearance of the Greek anarchist movement after many decades.


Justice will prevail! said...

No reason to heroine this COWARD evildoer. He thought he was tough and was punished on the spot. JUSTLY SO! These violent mobs are not any "antifascist" they are violent criminal scum! The man who attacked him had the right to defend himself against the 50-100 man that attacked him - he being ALONE. Still these pathetic COWARD and scared anarchist devils had no chance and run off like pussies and chickens. You have lost the fight already!

mollymew said...

Yeah, I'm sure. The great Francoist chased off 50 to 100 people. Too much religious delusions I guess.