Monday, November 10, 2008

The following item from the Anarkismo website is an announcement of an upcoming general assembly of the Northeast Anarchist Network this November 29. Please consult the website of the NEAN for further details.
7th Northeast Anarchist Network General Assembly:
north america / mexico anarchist movement anarchist communist event Sunday November Saturday November 29th , Sunday November 30th, 2008
*Forward widely, tell your friends, bring your comrades*
Calling all Northeast anarchists and anti-authoritarians,Join us at the 7th Northeast Anarchist Network General Assembly Saturday November 29th , Sunday November 30th, 2008.

Northeast Anarchist Network: Gather in assembly in Providence, Rhode Island
NEAN is a Network of anarchist organizations and individuals, formed in February 2007, that stretches from D.C. to Maine. We are glad to announce a finalization of plans to host the general assembly of our network here in Providence. Please come to Providence and join together in two days of meeting, planning, workshops, and conversation and dialogue.
To help us better accommodate everyone, if you are planning on attending will you please email back to me this survey.
Do you need sleeping arrangements?
Is couch space okay?
Is floor space okay?
Do you have any allergies?
Do you have any other housing specific needs?
Where are you coming from?
How many days will you be in?
What days?
Do you need travel arrangements/transportation help?
What is your expected time of arrival?
What is your expected time of departure?
Do you need childcare?
Do you have any special needs or requests?
Any additional notes or comments?
*Do you have ideas or items for discussion on either Saturday or Sunday? The agenda is of course open and to be finalized before our meeting as is our tradition.
*Please respond to the list or with agenda points, and response to the following:
*Would you be interested in a workshop on the strengths of organizing?
(From activism to organizing with Camilo Viverios ,
What is the difference between activism and organizing ? Although our work may incorporate different approaches (self help, service, electoral, advocacy, mobilization) organizing most effectively builds collective power to shift power relations. We need to define the difference between activist strategies and organizing strategies to avoid paternalistic recruitment efforts and ensure our organizing efforts go beyond rhetoric. By exploring different theories of change, we will highlight ways to transition from activism to organizing. )

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