Wednesday, November 12, 2008

There are some changes that will be happening in our Links Section here at Molly's Blog over the next little while. Some have commented on the "comprehensive" nature of our links in the past. The problem is that the huge number of links has made navigation amongst them unwieldy for the readers. Thus we are beginning to divide various sections up into sub-sections. The start of this is to divide such areas as "Links", "Blogs", "Liens En Français", "Anarchist Music", etc. into "Canadian" and "Other" sections.
To say the least this will be a long process, but it is also an opportunity for editing. Dead links will be removed. Inactive ones will be transferred to our "Zombie" section. Alphabetical order will be restored. The process is long because it involves checking each and every link, retyping it into the new section and eliminating it from the old. So far I've only begun with the letter "A" in the general Links section. If the Links list still seems unwieldy it will be further subdivided in the future.
This is also the time for a note on "language". In general Molly has only listed links that have at least some content in either English, French or Spanish because these are the only languages that I can read and judge as to content. There are some exceptions, especially for special sections such as "Anarcho-Syndicalist Links" or "Platformist and Especifista Links" and for some sites in Czech and Greek with which I have a passing acquaintance or Italian and Portuguese where I can "guess" my way through via cognates. Perhaps this policy will change in the future, especially in regards to such languages as Italian and Portuguese, but for now I find that it is hard enough to keep up with new sites in the 3 languages mentioned. One can sincerely hope for a situation where anarchist sites in Mandarin , Cantonese, Arabic , Hindi or others would be numerous enough to deserve a special section, but that is for the distant future. For now this is the best I can do. As I said, exceptions are sometimes made.
I beg the reader's indulgence as I slowly edit the links. Don't be disconcerted by duplications. They are only temporary as I plow through the list.

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